FAOs & Undergraduate Chairs


Academic assessment is led by Faculty Assessment Organizers (FAOs), with one FAO appointed for each undergraduate major, stand-alone minor and graduate program. 

As assessment organizers, FAOs facilitate the assessment activities of their programs, including:

  • the assessment of at least one program learning outcome annually
  • discussion of findings, including the identification of any actions suggested by the findings
  • implementation of resulting actions, including any that address the assessment strategy itself
  • development of a summary report that is shared with the school dean and the Periodic Review Oversight Committee (PROC)
  • the review, dissemination (to colleagues), and implementation of PROC feedback as appropriate

FAOs also facilitate academic program review, a comprehensive , peer-review based review that each program undertakes once every seven years. 

For some majors, FAOs are also the Undergraduate Chair.

In conducting this work, FAOs are supported by their school-based assessment coordinators. 

FAOs and Undergraduate Chairs

Unless otherwise indicated, FAOs are also Undergraduate Chairs (UG Chair; only majors have chairs).

School of Engineering

  • Bioengineering: Wei-Chun Chin
  • Computer Science & Engineering: Mukesh Singhal
  • Environmental Engineering: Tom Harmon
  • Materials Science & Engineering: Christopher Viney
  • Mechanical Engineering: YangQuan Chen

School of Natural Sciences

  • Applied Mathematics: Roummel Marcia (FAO), Lei, Yue (UG Chair)
  • Biological Sciences: Marcos Garcia-Ojeda (FAO), Jennifer Manilay (UG Chair)
  • Chemical Sciences: Hrant Hratchian (FAO), Erik Menke (UG Chair)
  • Earth Systems Science: Teamrat Ghezzehei
  • Physics: Carrie Menke (FAO), Lin Tian (UG Chair)
  • Environmental Science & Sustainability Minor: Teamrat Ghezzehei
  • Natural Sciences Education Minor: Mayya Tokman

School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

  • Anthropology: Christina Torres-Rouff (FAO), Kathleen Hull (UG Chair)
  • Cognitive Science: Michael Spivey (FAO), Jeff Yoshimi (UG Chair)
  • Economics: Rowena Gray
  • Global Arts Studies: Ken Yoshida (FAO) Jayson Beaster-Jones (UG Chair)
  • History: Susan Amussen (FAO), Sean Malloy (UG Chair)
  • English: Nigel Hatton (FAO), Katie Brokaw (UG Chair)
  • Management and Business Economics: Gregory Wright (FAO), Kurt Schnier (UG Chair)
  • Political Science: Jessica Trounstine
  • Psychology: Heather Bortfeld (FAO), Jeff Gilger (UG Chair)
  • Public Health: Andrea Joyce (FAO), Mariaelena Gonzalez (UG Chair)
  • Sociology: Laura Hamilton
  • Spanish: Virginia Adan-Lifante
  • American Studies Minor: Nigel Hatton
  • Arts Minor: Ken Yoshida
  • Chicano/a Studies Minor: TBD
  • Community Research and Service Minor: Robin DeLugan
  • Philosophy Minor: Jeff Yoshimi and David Jennings
  • Service Science Minor: Paul Maglio
  • Writing Minor: Paul Gibbons

College One

  • Core 1 - Tom Hothem

Graduate Groups and Emphasis Areas within the Individual Graduate Program*

  • Applied Mathematics: Harish Bhat
  • Biological Engineering and Small-Scale Technologies (BEST)*: Kara McCloskey
  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology: Erik Menke
  • Physics: Linda Hirst 
  • Cognitive & Information Sciences: Ramesh Balasubramaniam
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Science*: Mukesh Singhal
  • Environmental Systems: Marc Beutel
  • Mechanical Engineering*: Ashlie Martini
  • Political Science: Tom Hansford
  • Psychological Sciences: Deborah Wiebe
  • Social Sciences - Public Health*: Paul Brown
  • Sociology: Zulema Valdez
  • Quantitative & Systems Biology: Mike Cleary 
  • Interdisciplinary Humanities: Arturo Arias

Last updated November 8, 2016