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Annual PLO Report Submission Dates by School and Program

Listed below are the submission dates for annual PLO reports, organized by school and program. 

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Program Name

Annual Due Date

SoE Undergraduate

  Bioengineering (M2) Oct 1
  Computer Science & Engineering (M) Oct 1
  Environmental Engineering (M) Mar 1
  Materials Science & Engineering (M) Mar 1
  Mechanical Engineering (M) Mar 1

SoE Graduate



Biological Engineering & Small-Scales Technologies (IGP MS, PhD) AY 2013-20143
  Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (IGP MS, PhD) Oct 1
  Environmental Systems (MS, PhD) Oct 1
  Mechanical Engineering (IGP MS, PhD) Oct 1

SNS Undergraduate

  Applied Mathematics (M) Mar 1
  Biology (M) Mar 1
  Chemistry (M) Mar 1
  Earth Systems Science (M) Mar 1
  Physics (M) Mar 1
  Natural Sciences Education (m) Mar 1

SNS Graduate

  Applied Math (MS, PhD) Mar 1
  Chemistry and Chemical Biology (MS, PhD) Mar 1
  Physics (MS, PhD) Mar 1
  Quantitative & Systems Biology (MS, PhD) Mar 1

SSHA Undergraduate

  Anthropology (M) Oct 1
  Cognitive Science (M) Mar 1
  Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (M) Mar 1
  Economics (M) Mar 1
  Global Arts Studies (M) Mar 1
  History (M) Oct 1
  English (M) Oct 1
  Management & Business Economics (M) Mar 1
  Philosophy (M) Mar 1
  Political Science (M) Mar 1
  Psychology (M) Oct 1
  Public Health (M) Mar 1
  Sociology (M) Oct 1
  Spanish (M, m) Oct 1
  American Studies (m) Mar 1
  Chicano/a Studies (m) Oct 1
  Community Service and Research (m) Oct 1
  Writing (m) Oct 1
  World Heritage (m) Oct 1

SSHA Graduate

  Cognitive & Information Sciences (PhD) May 30
  Political Science (MA, PhD) Oct 1
  Psychological Sciences (PhD) May 30
  Public Health (MA, Ph.D) Oct 1
  Sociology (MA, PhD) Mar 1
  Interdisciplinary Humanities (MA, PhD) Mar 1

College One



Core 1(GE5) Mar 1


1 Refers to the Senate Administrative Committee on Assessment. Currently, the Periodic Review and Oversight Committee (PROC) oversees submission of annual PLO reports. 

2 Indicates the Major.

3 First annual due date, as approved by programs in response to SACAP Memo of May 24, 2013. 

4 Indicates the Minor.

5 Indicates General Education.