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APASC Rules of the Road

The statements below describe the qualities and criteria that guide APASC's work for the campus, and will inform our efforts to assess the quality of our services.

In our work with the campus community, the staff of APASC strive to be

  • Solution oriented
  • Respectful of viewpoints, campus cultures, and faculty and staff time
  • Approachable, available, and responsive
  • Inclusive and collaborative
  • Proactive
  • Faculty and staff-centered
  • Mission-guided

We also promote processes and practices that foster a culture in which assessment, annual, periodic, and ad-hoc, is integral to campus planning and decision-making processes and advances achievement of the campus’ academic, research, and administrative priorities and mission.  This includes

  • Holistic resource planning
  • Transparency and inclusivity in decision making and communication
  • Institutional alignment of priorities, planning, and resource allocation
  • Engagement, at all levels, with evidenced-informed planning and decision-making.

If you think we are not living up to these goals, please don't hesitate to let us know! We welcome your thoughts on how to shape our work to meet your needs.