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2017-2018 PROC Membership


  • Kurt Schnier, Vice Chair, Division Council of the Academic Senate (co-chair)

  • LeRoy Westerling, Vice Chair, Graduate Council

  • TBD, Vice Chair, Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation

  • Catherine Keske, Vice Chair, Undergraduate Council 

  • Roummel Marcia, Vice Chair, Committee on Research  

  • Virginia Adan-Lifante, Vice Chair, Faculty Welfare and Academic Freedom

  • Wei-Chun Chin, Vice Chair, Diversity and Equity 

  • TBD, General Education Subcommittee 


  • Tom Peterson, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (co-chair)

  • Elizabeth Whitt, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education

  • Marjorie Zatz, Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Education

  • Brian Powell, Interim Vice Chancellor for Business and Administrative Services

  • Veronica Mendez, Interim Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget

  • Charles Nies, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

  • TBD, Director of the Office of Periodic Review, Assessment, and Accreditation Support (OPRAAS)

Last updated November 9, 2017