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2014 Symposium


Assessment as Research Symposium

Sharing Practices, Successes, and Lessons Learned

Presentations & Posters

March 12, 2014

2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Chancellor’s Conference Room (KL 232)


2:00-2:05  Opening Remarks, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Tom Peterson

2:05-2:20   Effect of Feedback in Support of Scientific Writing Skills for Technical Reports

Leily Kiani and Carrie Menke- Assessment as Pedagogy Certificate Program, Physics

2:20-2:35 The Impact of Student Wellness on Academic Success: Results from the Spring 2013 National College Health Assessment

Kristin Hlubik, Brandon Boggs and Emily Langdon - Student Health Services, Student Affairs

2:35-2:50  Information Literacy and Collaborative Response: Core l's 'Disaster Scenario' Assignment

Tom Hothem- Core 1, lower  Division General Education

2:50-3:05  Using Assessment as a Tool for Program Design

Nella  Van Dyke and Amy Moffat- Sociology

3:05-3:20  Assessing Student Preference for Interactive vs. Video Library Tutorials

Susan Mikkelsen and Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco - UC Merced library

3:20-3:40  Posters and Refreshments

Using Undergraduate Studies 10 to Understand Learning Challenges and Effective Learning Strategies for First Year Students

James W.G. Barnes and Jennifer Anaya - Calvin E. Bright Success Center

Using Scholarly Sources: Are students as prepared as they think they are?

Sara Davidson Squibb, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, Susan Mikkelsen, Robin Milford- Library

Involving Undergraduates in Assessment

Adriana Signorini, Eric Chu & Kristen Renberg- SATAL Program

What helps learning in this class? Assessing teaching  practices in predominantly  freshman courses

Eric Chu & Kristen Renberg- SATAL Program

Descriptive Prompts for Improved Student Comprehension and Performance in Meeting Program Learning Outcomes

Angela Winek,Michelle Toconis, Cher Finley, Grace Rocha, and Jane Wilson- Merritt  Writing Program Assessment Committee

3:40-3:55  Do You Teach an At-Risk Course? Assessing the Impact of Supplemental Instruction with Linked Writing Courses in the Merritt Writing Program

Robin Geery Wrona and Anne Zanzucchi - Merritt  Writing Program

3:55-4:10  GloCal Classroom Project: Active Learning Strategies to Promote Spanish

Mabel Bowser and Marco  Valesi - Spanish

4:10-4:25  DIY Tools for Grad Program Assessment: An Approach and Some Examples

Rick Dale - Cognitive & Information Sciences (CIS) Graduate Group

4:25-4:40  Streamlining Program Learning Objective Assessment with Targeted Activities and Descriptive Rubrics

Carrie Menke - Physics                                                                       

4:40-4:55  Assessing the Feedback Initiative Impact in Undergraduates Courses

Michael Pham & Valorie Smart- SATAL Program

4:55 -5:00   Closing Remarks, Vice Provost/Dean of Undergraduate Education, Elizabeth Whitt

Organized by the Campus Working Group on Assessment with support from the Office of Undergraduate Education