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Surveys Requiring Review



Surveys that Do Not Require Review

The Survey Coordinating Committee reviews all proposals to survey UC Merced students, faculty, staff and alumni except

1. Point of service surveys, such as workshop evaluations, except in instances where a significant fraction of a population participates. (Please see the first bullet under survey proposals requiring review below.)

2. Course evaluations.

3. Faculty surveys of students for pedagogical or curricular purposes (i.e. the results will not be published or otherwise disclosed).

4. Surveys administered by faculty or graduate students as part of a research study that have been approved by the UC Merced Institutional Research Board.*

5. Student surveys of fellow students conducted solely to fulfill the requirements of a course assignment (i.e. results will not be published or otherwise presented to an audience external to UC Merced) under the guidance and direction of a faculty member who has completed an approved humans subjects protection curriculum.

6. Student, faculty, or staff surveys (polls) that involve voting on (or selecting) one or more preferred options from a range of choices for a specific event (e.g. commencement speaker).

*If you would like to include this survey on the survey calendar, you may.  To do so, email with the name of the survey, survey start and end dates, and the population to be surveyed, e.g. undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff.  Please also state that the survey is for research purposes and not subject to review by the Survey Coordinating Committee.

Surveys that Require Review

Proposals to survey UC Merced students, faculty, staff, and alumni, that require review by the Survey Coordinating Committee includes those that 

1. Involve

  • more than 5% of any of the aforementioned populations1,2and/or
  • surveys that involve participation of stakeholders from more than one school or across administrative divisions.

2. Require contact information (e.g. names, email addresses, phone numbers)

3. Require institutional information about the population (e.g. race, sex, grades)

4. Involve publication or other disclosure of research results to an audience external to UC Merced

5. Are being conducted by an external group or stakeholder, such as a national research organization

If you have questions about whether your survey should be reviewed, please contact Kerry Clifford, Convener, Survey Coordinating Committee.

1In other words, more than 1 in 20 members of the population would receive the survey.  

2i.e. 300 or more undergraduates or alumni, 20 or more graduate students, 10 or more Senate or lecturing faculty, and 50 or more staff based on AY 2014-15 data. These numbers can be used as a rough guide as UC Merced grows. Up to date headcounts for students, faculty, and staff are available at