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Campus Working Group on Assessment (CWGA)

The Campus Working Group on Assessment (CWGA) facilitates coordination and communication among the staff members who support assessment across the campus. 

Meeting monthly, the CWGA

  1. shares information and resources related to assessment practices, findings and their uses in improving student learning, student success and administrative services;
  2. supports the implementation of the campus’s assessment-related priorities and initiatives, as appropriate1;
  3. coordinates surveying in activity at UC Merced in keeping with the goals, responsibilities, and scope outlined in its charge;
  4. brings to the attention of PROC or relevant committees of the Academic Senate, issues related to ensuring that UC Merced’s assessment practices and infrastructure effectively and efficiently support a transparent, evidence-based, improvement-oriented approach to fulfilling the campus’s educational mission

  For additional information, please see the CWGA Charge


  • Kerry Clifford, interim convener, Program Review Manager, and PROC Analyst
  • Sara Davidson, Head, User Communication & Instruction, Library 
  • Linda Hart-Tolley, Administrative Analyst, Merritt Writing Program 
  • Emily Langdon, Coordinator for Assessment, Division of Student Affairs
  • Leilani Kupo, Director, Bright Success Center, Division of Student Affairs
  • Jason Martin, Organizational Development Consultant, Division of Business and Administrative Services
  • Amy Moffat, Manger of Student and Program Assessment, School of Natural Sciences
  • Stephan Bera, Manger of Student and Program Assessment, School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts
  • Fatima Paul, Principal Analyst, Academic Senate
  • Jenna Allen, Director, Institutional Research and Decisions Support
  • Cinnamon Danube, Principal Analyst, Institutional Research and Decision Support
  • James Zimmerman, Associate Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
  • Adriana Signorini, Coordinator, Students Assessing Teaching and Learning (SATAL) Program, Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning
  • Alisha Kimble, Assistant Dean, Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Penny Paxton, Health Promotion, Division of Student Affairs
  • Jenny Xiang, Assessment Specialist, School of Natural Sciences
If you would like to participate in this Working Group, please contact Kerry Clifford
1For example, needs that emerge from the annual report of the Committee for the Review of PLO Reports.
Last updated June 23, 2017