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Periodic Review Oversight Committee (PROC)

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Academic Program Review


Overview of PROC

A joint committee of the Senate and Administration, the Periodic Review Oversight Committee (PROC) supports and advances UC Merced’s educational and institutional effectiveness and organizational learning through its campus-wide advisory and oversight responsibilities for academic and administrative assessment, both periodic and annual.   

Accordingly, it ensures that assessment supports the campus's mission and planning priorities, that findings are integrated into campus-planning and decision-making at all levels and that assessment is appropriately resourced. PROC also advises campus leadership on how best to meet accreditation expectations. 

To facilitate aspects of this work, PROC has established the following working groups and committees:

PROC's charge and membership follow. 


The Periodic Review Oversight Committee

  1. Oversees and coordinates periodic peer-­‐based program review for the Academic Senate and the Administration, as per current policy.  
  2. Oversees administrative periodic review, as per current policy.  
  3. Facilitates the alignment of resources and the academic mission and campus strategic plans by identifying and recommending to the Academic Senate and the Administration opportunities and mechanisms to support resource alignment and the integration/coordination of administrative and academic periodic peer-­‐based program review.  
  4. Identifies and recommends to program faculty, Academic Senate and Administration, strategies to develop and sustain a system of institutional assessment practices, including workflow and assessment support, that seeks to increase program review/assessment efficiency, including streamlining various review processes (e.g. WASC, Periodic Peer-­‐based Academic Program Review, ABET).  
  5. Recommends to the Academic Senate and Administration strategies to address accreditation expectations related to assessment, annual and periodic.    
  6. On an annual basis, reviews and reports on the alignment of institutional operations with campus mission and strategic goals, as evidenced by the aggregate results of periodic program reviews and annual assessment reports.  
  7. Periodically reviews the program review process to ensure it is achieving its intended purposes, recommending to the Senate and Administration improvements to practice and policy as warranted.
  8. Recommends to the Academic Senate and Administration, the charge and composition of other committees that have regular or periodic responsibility for assessment.

In conducting its work, the Committee 

•     Recognizes that periodic reviews of academic programs are conducted under the authority of the Standing Orders of the University of California, the University of California Academic Senate, and the Merced Divisional Bylaws (specifically bylaws IV.3.B.5 and IV.2.B.6).  

•     Supports the campus’ assessment-­‐related aspirations as outlined in the UC Merced Principles of Assessment. 

•     Recognizes that reviews of new academic program proposals are not under the purview of the committee, but are conducted under a separate set of Senate and Administration policies and procedures.