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Academic Program Review Schedule

The undergraduate and graduate academic program review schedule follows, organized by the semester start date. Use the links that follow to jump to a particular year. 

Spring 2015 l Spring 2016 l Spring 2017 l Spring 2018 l Spring 2019 l Spring 2020 l Spring 2021 l Spring 2022 l Spring 2023l Spring 2024l

Academic Program Review Start Date1



Start Date of Most Recent Review 

Spring 2015

Undergraduate American Studies Minor3 -
Graduate Biological Engineering and Small Scale Technologies (BEST)2 -

Spring 2017

Undergraduate Bioengineering -

Spring 2018

Undergraduate Applied Mathematics 2009
English -
Graduate Psychological Sciences -
Quantitative and Systems Biology -

Spring 2019

Undergraduate Environmental Engineering4 July 2010
Mechanical Engineering4 -
Materials Science Engineering4 October 2013
Physics July 2010
Writing (Program/Minor) July 2010
Graduate Chemistry and Chemical Biology -
Cognitive and Information Sciences -

Spring 2020

Undergraduate Economics
& Management and Business Economics (joint review)5
July 2010 (MBE - May 2012)
Graduate Applied Mathematics -
Interdisciplinary Humanities -
Political Science -

Spring 2021

Undergraduate Chemistry May 2012
Cognitive Science May 2012
History May 2012
Graduate Physics -

Spring 2022

Undergraduate Anthropology April 2015
Community Research and Service -
Computer Science and Engineering October 2013
Earth Systems Science October 2013
General Education January 2014
Natural Science Education April 2015
Psychology October 2013
Public Health -
Spanish Major and Minor October 2013
Graduate Environmental Systems August 2014
Sociology -

Spring 2023

Undergraduate Biological Sciences February 2016
Global Arts Studies -
Philosophy (minor) February 2016
Political Science February 2016
Sociology February 2016

Spring 2024

Undergraduate Chicano/a Studies March 2017
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies -
World Heritage Minor -
Graduate Bioengineering -
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science -
Management of Innovation, Sustainability, and Technology -
Public Health -

1Subsequent reviews will be scheduled on a seven year cycle, as per policy.
2Review for standalone status
3Scheduling currently under review by Undergraduate Council.
4ABET evaluation used as a substitution for the academic review of the program during this program review cycle as approved by (1) Undergraduate Council, December 16, 2013 (Materials Science Engineering), (2) the Periodic Review Oversight Committee, December 12, 2018 (Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering)
5Joint review requested and approved by the Periodic Review Oversight Committee and Undergraduate Council in October/November 2018

Last updated December 20, 2018