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Committee for the Review of Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Reports

A standing committee, the Committee for the Review of PLO Reports:

  • provides feedback to individual programs on their annual assessment efforts as described in the annual Program Learning Outcome Report;
  • identifies emerging assessment or student learning-related strengths or challenges for attention at the school or institutional levels;
  • summarizes in the aggregate the quality of programmatic assessment efforts in an annual report submitted to PROC and shared with deans and faculty.

This work is organized as a structured peer review process grounded in campus expectations for effective program assessment practices. The overarching goal is to foster efficient, effective assessment practices that generate meaningful, actionable insights into student learning and success.


  • Kerry Clifford, interim convener, PROC Analyst
  • Carrie Menke, SNS faculty
  • Abel Chuang, SoE faculty
  • Holley Moyes, SSHA faculty
  • Amy Moffat, Manager of Student & Program Assessment, SNS
  • Corinne Townsend, Accreditation Analyst, SoE
  • Stephan Bera, Manager of Student & Program Assessment, SSHA
  • Sara Davidson, Library
  • Emily Langdon, Coordinator for Assessment, Division of Student Affairs

Last updated June 28, 2017