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Survey Coordination

Survey Coordination at UC Merced

On May 14, 2015, the Periodic Review Oversight Committee added survey coordination to the charge of the Campus Working Group on Assessment (CWGA).

PROC's intention was, in part, to help the campus community make the most of survey efforts as a means for addressing survey fatigue1.

On this site you can find information and resources related to the campus' survey coordination efforts, including:

  1. The campus Calendar of Surveys
  2. A description of the Surveys Requiring Review before implementation, and those that do not
  3. Step by step instructions to Propose a Survey for review by the Survey Coordinating Committee, including the survey proposal form
  4. Resources to support development of a survey and a survey proposal
  5. The Purpose and Goals of survey coordination at UC Merced

If you have questions please direct them to Kerry Clifford, Interim Convener, Survey Coordination Committee.

1 Decreased willingness to participate in surveys, which reduces response rates and can compromise the usefulness of the data.