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Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

2019-2020 - 2018-2019 - 2017-2018 - 2016-2017 - 2015-2016 - 2014-2015 - 2013-2014

Annually, the faculty of each undergraduate major, standalone minor, and required General Education courses examine student achievement of at least one intended learning outcome for their degree program. Through this work, the faculty confirm students are developing the skills and knowledge expected of a graduate in their discipline.  

For each academic year, the links above provide a summary of

  • students’ self-perceptions of their knowledge and abilities,
  • the faculty’s conclusions about student learning achievement in undergraduate majors, standalone minors,and required General Education courses, 
  • actions identified to improve student learning, and
  • budget implications for proposed improvements to student learning

Links to the intended learning outcomes for each degree are available here. An overview of the annual assessment process is available here. Undergraduate retention and graduation rates are available here.  

Please address questions to Laura Martin